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I miss you forever and ever Norway xoxo
Bethan Alex, Luca Asta, Anna Ehmen, Liam Johnstone, Kristoffer Ala Ketola,
Dimitra Kous, Real Lee, Anja Petersen, Leo Plumb, Benedict Regan, Beata Szabo,
Paul Takahashi, Timna Tomisa, Helena Kate Whittingham
04/02/16 – 19/02/16

Beata Szabo, 2016

Dimitra Kous, 2016

Coming to the nature
Real Lee, 2015

tights occupy very little space when being worn
Bethan Alex, 2015

Dale in 686KB
Liam Johnstone, 2016

A Trilogy : Dark Horse, Poetic Again, Two Weeks.
Kristoffer Ala Ketola, 2015

In conversation with Arne Ingvalden
Benedict Regan, 2016

Helena Kate Whittingham,

Neither you know or I know exactly
Leo Plumb, 2016

I Am
Anna Ehmen, 2016

together forever
Luca Asta, Anja Petersen and Timna Tomisa, 2016

Paul Takahashi, 2016

The European Exchange Academy (EEA) was founded in 2003 as an answer to the growing incapability of regular European art academies. The EEA wants to create the best conditions for artists of the future. The insufficient educational structures at art schools, the short time teachers can talk with a student, the very short time students can study in general, all these evolutions need counterweight. The EEA is an art-academy that provides all the best for motivated international art students.

EEA 2015 brought together students from universities in Turkey, Norway, The Netherlands, Iceland, Finland, and the UK, for 2 weeks residency in Dale i Sunnfjord, Norway.

Since participating in the European Exchange Academy, one of the only ways the participants can keep in touch is via the internet and specifically, laptops. May it be social media, skype or emailing. The premise of the show is using the network laden theoretical and physical form of the laptop as a method to display and to activate artworks. The laptop seen as a conduit for digitalised art, a vessel for communication.

“I miss you forever and ever Norway xoxo” is an exhibition curated by Helena Kate Whittingham of 14 participants of the European Exchange Academy (Norway) 2015.

Supported by the European Exchange Academy and Leeds Beckett University.