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Jenny West & Ian Jackson
24/11/17 – 1/12/17

The doubles series asks a mid career artist to invite another artist, with whom they have some form of educational or artistic relationship, to make an exhibition with them. In this ninth instalment of the series Jenny West has invited Ian Jackson to exhibit with her.   Jenny and Ian met in 2009 when Ian was a student of hers. They continue to share a way of working which is precise and determinedly systematic. Ian is currently teaching alongside Jenny on the same course on which they met.

Jenny West
Covers is a series of 10 works made by combining the front and back covers of two Frieze magazines (ten 2016 editions of the magazine are inlaid with early magazine covers from the past catalogue). Perspective drawings, derived from sections of the textiles and architecture found within Giotto’s frescoes at Assissi, are wrapped around the combined covers to form a template. The drawn pattern is cut with a scalpel and the fragments of the covers are interchanged and inlaid according to the appropriated pattern. 

West produces drawings both for and as sculpture. She constructs perspective structures that are placed in architectural spaces, and also comparable structures in the more conventional form of works on paper. Her work exploits the immediacy and responsive nature of drawing presenting its process as the resolution itself.
Through precise and methodical processes she painstakingly builds drawings concerned with pattern, geometry and the spatial. 

Born in Tamworth, West studied Sculpture at Falmouth School of Art and Tapestry at The Royal College of Art. She was the recipient of an AHRC Research Fellowship held at Loughborough University (2000-03) and a Rootstein Hopkins project Grant in 2004. West has exhibited at The Whitworth Art Gallery, Leeds City Art Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The Government Art Collection and the Arts Council, England have collected her work among other institutions.


Ian Jackson
Farmer’s Tan is a series of 8 photographic drawings based on field lines, specifically those made by farming machinery navigating around the interiors of fields to harvest crops. This efficient process creates a system determined by the area and shape of the given field, and the width of the harvesting machinery. Farmer’s Tan focuses on the forms created when obstacles within the field stop this efficiency.

Pencil line drawings are turned into one-to-one scale acetate negatives, which impart the delicate field line forms by shielding the photo paper during its exposure to direct sunlight. The photo paper is then fixed to stop further change, leaving a subtle pink/purple hue and a beguiling quality of line.

Jackson draws influence from a wide range of processes such as woodworking, ceramics, botany and photography, each coming with long histories and ideas of the ‘right’ way to do things. To date, much of his work has tried to find room within these well-known processes of production, adopting and manipulating their material and visual vernaculars to say something different.

Born in Pontefract, Ian Jackson graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2010, followed by Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. Recent projects include: Somalgors 74, an ongoing collaboration with artist Curdin Tones to build and develop a gallery/project/residency space in the mountain village of Tschlin, Switzerland; and On The House, a series of tailored talks, exhibitions and meals curated within homes across the UK. Jackson exhibits regularly and has permanent commissions in several private collections. He was the recipient of the SAY arts commission in 2014, Arts Trust Scotland Award 2014 and Visual Artist and Craft Makers Award 2013. He is currently based in Leeds.