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The School of The Damned
Jack Barraclough, Rachael Haines, Andy Healy, Joseph Lewis, Matilda Moors, Jennifer Pengilly, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Clare Rees-Hales, Rosie Ridgway,
Stefan Sadler, Georgina Sleap, David Steans, Liam Wright-Higgins
10/10/13 – 26/10/13

Snake Hugs
Sara Nunes Fernandes, 2013
20 × 20 × 3600cm

Useful work and pointless toil
Georgina Sleap, 2013
Tailor's chalk on blackboard
212 × 471 × 1cm

To Make You Afraid
Jack Barraclough, 2013
Music video

The Swumps
David Steans, 2013
Short horror story
dimensions variable

I Don't Know What's Good For Me
Matila Moors, 2013
4 × 4 × 19cm [×5]

in your house
Stefan Sadler, 2013
Spray paint
350 × 280cm / 280 × 150cm

Jennifer Pengilly, 2013
Fluro yellow cotton, red satin cotton, gold lycra 4
20 × 120cm

Thunder Horse shoe Waterfall Location, Quiet Thunder (156,146,21) price 11,000 linden dollars
Andy Healy, 2013
33 × 42 × 8cm
"Best waterfalls in SL to enhance your experience of nature. Find your favorite waterfall. I support my products. Custom work on requests"

Clare Rees-Hales, 2013
Graphite, paper
29.7 × 21cm [×2]

Rachael Haines, 2013
Tablecloth and temporary tattoos
135 × 110cm

Positiv Churches 1 to 3
Joseph Lewis, 2013
Wood, brass and gut, 3 rudimentary hurdy gurdys tuned by ear d
imensions variable

Liam Wright-Higgins, 2013
Khat*, Banana Leaves, Theresa May
50 × 30 × 30cm

Instructions for use: The khat itself is bundled within banana leaf wraps. Once opened and washed, the soft tips and leaves should be chewed over hours, allowing the pulp to collect in the cheek and permeate the spit. It tastes bitter as the cud and should be supplemented with drinks. Chewing gum can also help in the pulp's cohesion, stopping bitter flecks from clinging to your tonsils and causing you to wretch.
*A new law - making a class C controlled substance of khat - is raised in parliament on the 9th October 2013, and its implementation in regional municipalities is staggered over the ensuing fortnight.

Composition for 3 Positiv Churches and 1 Hurdy Gurdy
Joseph Lewis, 2013

Depressed Mode
Rosie Ridgway, 2013

The School Of The Damned is an underground Fine Art MA course run by its students and overseen by a board of captured academic advisors. Its primary function is to provide artists who cannot afford to study on an accredited program with a forum for critical discourse and rigorous re-assessment of their practices. The course also aims to establish a new network of artists, academics and institutions, which would not only advocate free education, but demand a universal acknowledgment of higher education as a fundamental right.
The course has been conceived of and produced as a pragmatic response to the current system, and as a protest against it. It should not be construed as advocating or condoning an independent system of education based on values of entrepreneurism, philanthropy or libertarianism.