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Fully Awake
Teaching Painting
Phil Allen with Howard Rogers and Amy Moffat; Neil Clements with Carol Rhodes and Georgia Horgan; Jeff Dennis with David Trenow and Mathew Sawyer; Moyra Derby with Vanessa Jackson and Hannah Weatherhead; Andrew Grassie with John Stezaker and James Tabbush; Catrin Huber with Erwin Gross and Harriet Sutcliffe; John McClenaghan with Jimmy Cosgrove and Lucinda Turner; Katie Pratt with Rosa Lee and Ilchi Kim; Magnus Quaife with Mali Morris and Rafal Topelewski; Daniel Sturgis with David Troostwyk and May Hands
06/04/2017 – 21/04/2017

Curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye for Teaching Painting, Fully Awake is the first of a five part intergenerational cycle of exhibitions involving academics, artists and art educators in the UK. Over the next 2 years it will involve 180 exhibitors and 60 UK institutions. In each version of the show several artists are invited to submit a piece of work to be included in an exhibition. In addition to submitting a piece of work themselves, the artists are also asked to invite two ‘guests’ (each of whom will also submit work for exhibition) with the following conditions: one must be an artist that they have been taught by; and one must be an artist that they have taught. This unorthodox invitational approach creates unexpected fluid networks through collaborations and the exhibitions are intended to reveal these.

Teaching Painting is an organisational collaborative network - an alliance of university and art school lecturers that began in 2015. The organisation was initially developed from a series of studio discussions had between members of staff at Manchester School of Art. The organisation’s remit is to encourage intergenerational and institutional collaboration, to stimulate, promote and discuss the physical, theoretical and philosophical positions that painting and its associated debates currently occupy. Through conferences, publications, exhibitions and workshops we articulate how pedagogical and andragogical issues, alongside aesthetic and ideological considerations can contribute and shape painting provision.