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Miriam Chefrad, Nathan Cook, Joanne Dawson, Freya Fullarton, George Garthwaite, Lucie Liénard, Lilian Ptáček, Chitra Sangtani, Elinor Stanley, Rebecca Stewart, Ella Walker, Kate Woodward
09/07/15 – 24/07/15

Trying to Blow My Socks Off
Nathan Cook, 2015
video performance

A Guide To Common Care
Joanne Dawson, 2015
canvas, cotton, polyester
197 × 134cm

Miriam Chefrad, 2015
35mm mounted photographs
14.8 × 10.5cm [×19]

Lucie Liénard, 2015
paper, crystalized and dyed salt and bag
90 × 65 × 65cm

Kate Woodward, 2015
two-channel video
00:01:30 / 00:12:43 [looped]

Bleaching Light
Lilian Ptácek
collage of lithograph and digital print on paper
150 × 120cm

We Used To Catch Lizards With Blue Tails (excerpt)
Rebecca Stewart, 2015
parian slip cast
25 × 15 × 15cm [×8]

Freya Fullarton, 2015
faux fur, polyester, PVC, cat litter
165 × 95 × 35cm

Chitra Sangtani, 2015
00:01:22 [looped]

Waving goodbye, as she drives away
George Garthwaite, 2015
oil on canvas
80 × 80cm

The Birth of Venus
Ella Walker, 2015
fabric sculpture in plastic mixing bowl
100 × 60 × 40cm

Elinor Stanley, 2015
oil on cotton
90 × 60cm

Glasgow to Leeds; Leeds to Glasgow is an exhibition selected from an open-call made to the students of the BA Fine Art programme at Glasgow School of Art who graduated this summer. From these applications a selection was then made by a group of four students who have just completed the Leeds College of Art Foundation course and who will be starting at Glasgow School of Art in September. Glasgow to Leeds; Leeds to Glasgow was selected by Esther Gamsu, Rosa Klerkx, Ella Mottram, and Zoe Pillar.