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Joseph Buckley, Joseph Hulme, Ian Jackson, Joshua Johnson, Francis Lloyd-Jones, Emily Robinson, Jessica Roper, Rosie Sillitoe and Rhea Storr
Selected by Pavel Buchler and Mary Griffiths
08/03/2012 – 23/03/2012

Interim is an exhibition open to all current penultimate year BA Fine Art students at British art schools who have previously completed their foundation course at Leeds College of Art.

Slected by Pavel Buchler, artist and winner of the 2010 Northern Art Prize, and Mary Griffiths, curator of modern art at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Jessica Roper, 2012
sanded wall, sanded panel
dimensions variable

Circle Drawing 4
Joseph Hulme, 2012
single channel video
00:04:54 looped

Rhea Storr, 2011
wood, mirror
dimensions variable

Blank Ledger, The Map that Changed the World, Accordian Crimes

Francis Lloyd-Jones, 2011
salt, glaze, ceramic
dimensions variable

Column Rotation
Ian Jackson, 2012
paint, pillars
dimensions variable

Go Fly a Kite
Rosie Sillitoe, 2012
single-channel video
00:01:59 looped

Room with Double Door
Joshua Johnson, 2012
c-type photo, clip frame
29.7 × 21cm

Plan for Room with One Doorway
Joshua Johnson, 2012
pen on isometric paper, clip frame
40 × 30cm

Equal Surface Area
Joshua Johnson, 2011
pen on isometric paper, clip frame
29.7 × 21cm

Untitled (drawing pin)
Emily Robinson, 2012
24 carat gold plated drawing pin
1 × 1 × 1cm

Elegy Eleven
Joseph Buckley, 2012
mdf, black paint, red paint, Sean Kaye's office, laser jet A4 photograph
dimensions variable